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Power cut in the north of Scotland

A fault on the transmission network in the north of Scotland occurred at around 8.30pm on Wednesday, initially causing approximately 205,000 customers to be without power across the region. Our contingency procedures worked effectively and we were able to restore power to all customers in around three hours. Our immediate priority was to ensure all customers were back on supply as quickly and safely as possible; having achieved that, we will now investigate the cause of the problem. We would like to thank any affected customers for their patience while we worked to restore power.

Response to the reviews of the Christmas storm

Response to Ofgem storm report


Compensation claim update
11 Apr 2014

We have received over 30,000 compensation claims following the winter storms that swept across the UK. To date, our dedicated teams have verified over 90% of the claims and arranged payments to the majority of affected customers. We have received 10,000 duplicate claims and kindly request that customers do not resubmit their original claim. We apologise for the extended delay and will be in touch as soon as we can. We are aware of the customers who have not yet submitted a claim and are pro-activly engaging with them to ensure they receive their entitlement.

In an emergency
In an emergency dial 999 and ask for the police. They will contact the electrical distribution company responsible for the network in your area.
Electrical danger

Electrical danger

Our media team
We welcome enquiries from professional journalists and provide a 24-hour service for urgent enquiries.

To contact our media team, please call:
0845 0760 530 
We provide thousands of new connections to our networks every year. We are here to help whether you are building your home, constructing a major development, or want to connect a generator.

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission is responsible for 5,000 km of high voltage electricity cables in the north of Scotland. As a result of increased demand from developers to connect their generation to the transmission network we are investing over £1 billion to upgrade the network.

Scaling the heights to look after our feathered friends


As part of the East Coast 400kV Reinforcement project, we have built and erected an Osprey tower to allow nearby nesting Ospreys to relocate from the top of a 275kV tower.

Have your say

We want to keep our customers and stakeholders updated on how we run our transmission and distribution networks. We also want you to have your say on our business plans and any significant changes in the energy industry.

Explore these pages to find out more about our plans and the feedback we've had.


This section includes documents and information ranging from charging statements to compliance and financial information.

Stakeholder information

Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution is committed to communication and engagement with customers and stakeholders who are affected by developments in electricity distribution and transmission.

  • Where we operate

    Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution is the owner of two electricity networks and one transmission network.

    • Southern Electric Power Distribution (SEPD) in central southern England
    • Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution (SHEPD)  in the north of Scotland
    • Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission (SHE Transmission)  in the north of Scotland

    In addition to our primary operating areas where we have a monopoly, we have installed a number of individual distribution networks across Great Britain which we also manage.

    Southern Electric Power Distribution (SEPD)

    SEPD is the largest of our two distribution networks and delivers electricity supplies to over 2.9 million customers across central southern England. Our operational region ranges from rural communities in Dorset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire to towns and cities including Bournemouth, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton, Slough, Swindon and in parts of west London. We also distribute electricity to and across the Isle of Wight.

    Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution (SHEPD) 

    SHEPD delivers electricity to some 740,000 customers in the north of Scotland. Our SHEPD operating region covers a quarter of the UK landmass which attracts unique challenges both in terms of distance and location. As well as the major towns and cities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness and Perth, we connect to most Scottish islands with over 100 subsea cable links, including the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Arran and the Orkney Islands. We also serve the Shetland Islands, which runs as a separate electrical system without a connection to the mainland.

    Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission (SHE Transmission)

    SHE Transmission owns and maintains the 132kV and 275kV electricity transmission network in the north of Scotland, in some of the UK's most challenging terrain. Some of our circuits are situated over 750 metres above sea level and are up to 250 km long. Furthermore, our operating area contains a vast renewable energy resource and this is being exploited by wind and marine generation which is all dependent on SHE Transmission for transportation to the load centres to the south.

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