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  • Get Connected

  • We provide thousands of new connections to our networks every year.     We're here to help whether you're building a new home or constructing a major development. We can also help if you want to connect a generating plant from a major wind farm to a single small turbine or solar panels.


  • Planning diagram - small projects

    Small projects

    You can apply online for up to four
    new connections. Small projects
  • Quick estimate

    Quick estimate

    You can use our quick estimate feature before applying for a quote to give yourself a rough guide of how much your new connections are going to cost.  Quick estimate
  • Pencil and calculator.

    Moving your existing supply (service alteration)

    If you want to move the connection point and meter to a new location you can apply to us for a service alteration. Service alteration
  • Wayleaves and Consents

    Click below for information on the land rights we may need to secure to allow us to complete your connection.

    Land Rights
  • Small projects

    Apply online

    Click below to apply online for a new small connection (1-4 connections).  Small projects
  • House with solar panel

    Generation connections

    A significant part of our work is connecting new generation plants. This is anything from solar panels to wind farms.


    Generation connections
  • Diversions

    If you need any of our existing overhead lines, underground cables, or electrical equipment diverted as part of your project, we can help.
  • Contacts Guide - South

    Contacts Guide -South

    Find out who you need to contact regarding your new connection or project in central southern England.


  • Street lighting

    Unmetered connections

    You can apply online for a new unmetered connection, transfer of an existing unmetered asset or disconnection of supply to an unmetered asset.
           Unmetered connections
  • Connections help

    Have a query about applying for a new connection? Find the answers in our connections help pages.      


    Connections help
  • Contact Guide - North

    Contacts Guide - North

    Find out who you need to contact regarding your new connection or project in northern Scotland. Scotland
  • SSEN Staff talking to customer.

    ICPs and IDNOs

    We continue to work on improving the platform of information provisions, accessibility and the updates you receive.


    Competition in connections
  • Plans and commitments

    We constantly listen to feedback to improve the way we do things and issue plans and commitments around improving our business. 
               Plans and commitments
  • Connections Newsletter England
  • Connections Newsletter - Scotland