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  • Who we are and what we do

  • Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution is a British company. We aim to deliver a safe and reliable supply of electricity to the people who live and work in the north of Scotland and central southern England.

    We don't send you bills and we aren't responsible for the electricity meter in your home or what happens beyond it. When you press a switch and a light comes on in your home, a business, schools and hospitals - that's us. We make sure the energy you need gets to your meter to light and heat your home.

    If something unexpected causes a power cut in any of our network areas, its our job to fix it as quickly and as safely as possible. The better we are at doing our job, the less likely you are to meet us.

    To make sure the lights stay on we invest millions of pounds in the electricity infrastructure every year. Examples include major construction projects to upgrade the transmission network in the north of Scotland and so support the growth in renewable generation, or innovations designed to help us move to a low carbon future.

  • We're responsible for maintaining the electricity networks supplying over 3.7 million homes and businesses across central southern England and north of the Central Belt of Scotland.

    We own one electricity transmission network and two electricity distribution networks, comprising 106,000 substations and 130,000 km of overhead lines and underground cables across one third of the UK. 

    Our first priority is to provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity to the communities we serve in Scotland and England.